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What does the price include?
All facilities listed under the room type are included in the room rate. You all prices are inclusive of all taxes for those we will debit the amount when you confirm, you always see to your right parties confirming that we display such information. there is no difference between the initial price and the final price for your booking. This information will also be in your confirmation email and on My
How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
Once you have completed the booking process the confirmation page appears in a window. The information displayed shows all the details of your reservation and will be sent to your email address. Once you receive confirmation of your booking or your payment, print the voucher that you will present at your arrival.
If you lose your voucher, you will always have the possibility of returning to your space My where you have all your documents (vouchers, more information, others ...).
We also send you a confirmation email with all your booking information.
Can I cancel my reservation through
Yes, it's easy. You can cancel your reservation via the URL provided in your confirmation email or in your space My Please remember to check the cancellation policy of the hotel before making changes on your reservation. Condition of cancellation of your booking is included at the bottom of your confirmation.
What is my confidential code and what do I need it for?
Your confidential code is the number on your booking confirmation, which in combination with your User code, allows you to login in ‘My’.
On My you can view, change or cancel your booking.
Where can I find the hotel’s telephone number and/or email address?
After booking, all of the hotel’s details, including telephone and email address, are provided in the online booking confirmation (Voucher), confirmation email and in My
When the customer confirms the reservation after payment, it can print the confirmation voucher on his account that is edited automatically, and to which access is done on the My Account area
Central Tab "Reserve":
With the reservation number and PIN you have received by mail you can manage your bookings as follows:
• Printing confirmation of the reservation, it will be in your account until the day of arrival.
• Printing the bill, it will be in your account on departure day.
• Reservation Control, identification by day, month and year and real time of the booking.
• You can control bills for months and years.

"Register" Tab:
For new clients to create their accounts directly to take advantage of our promotions and special rates for a definite period and may also be used to control their part of the accounting: reservations confirmations, invoices, statements, purchase and everything that relates to your web shopping in
How can I start my search?
In home page you can start your search by inserting the city or if you prefer a specific hotel, and the dates of the stay, number of rooms, number of persons, number of children, and the currency you want (at the top right corner).
When this first search is finished then you can make a new selection with different parameters: name, stars, price, that you can find on the column on the left.
Once you have chosen the hotel you can start your booking by clickingon reserve.
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